About Us


We are a community of disciples inspired by the Holy Spirit to be living witnesses for transformation in Christ to bring about a world of justice, human development and true peace.



We are the Lord’s under-shepherds. We will be witnesses to the Word that others may hear and understand. We will be counselors with the Spirit, that others may have healing and wholeness. We will be defenders in Christ of those who suffer injustice and oppression.



In response to the challenges of our particular place, time, and culture:

For Our Families
We will evangelize families and build communities of faith through encounters, life in the spirit seminars and discipleship formation.
We will give formation on personal and family prayer, pro-life values, catholic social teachings, and stewardship.
For Our BLD Communities
We will actively participate in the life and mission of the church in accord with our god-given gifts.
For Our Country
We will work on poverty alleviation through scholarships, housing for the poor, and advocacies for life, environment, and good governance.


Renewed Mission

As a communion of encountered families, we are called by the Lord to build communities of disciples of Jesus Christ who, empowered by the Holy Spirit, will renew and strengthen our Christian faithful through programs of Christian Encounter (Marriage, Family, Solo/Single Parent, Singles and Youth Encounters, and Life in the Spirit Seminars) of Spiritual Growth, of Pastoral Care and of Poverty Alleviation.