"Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved." - Mark 16:15-16

The mission of the Evangelization Apostolate is to bring God's people closer to Him through the conduct of the various Encounter programs, Life in the Spirit Seminars, Post Life in the Spirit Growth, Praise & Liturgy Ministries and Corporate Worships.

The Marriage Encounter Ministry and Family Encounter Ministry conducts the annual Marriage Encounter weekends and Family Encounter weekends. This is typically the entry point to the BLD community. With the completion of the encounter weekend, members are invited to attend the Life in the Spirit Seminar conducted by the Life in the Spirit Ministry.

Weekly Praise & Worship support and build the faith of encountered couples and their families through the praise ministry and liturgy ministry.

Evangelization Apostolate Stewards
Jesse & Elaine de Leon

Family Encounter Ministry Coordinators
Mike & Jing Aquino

Liturgy Coordinators
Jimmy & Lisa Almendrada

Life in the Spirit Ministry Coordinators
JC & Lisa Orosa

Praise Coordinators
Ben & Armi Aranda